Welcome in the rare exotic world !

Welcome in the rare exotic world !

We offer seeds of rare exotics plants include common vegetable, herbs and flowers..

Seeds, exotic seeds, vegetable seeds, mushrooms and carnivorous seeds for your garden and home


Exotic seeds and plants for your garden

Except for exotic plants’ seeds, we offer also seeds of less accessible or usual local vegetables, crops, medicinal plants and ornamentals flowers. Seeds of vegetables, herbs and flowers are packed in top quality packages of seva-seeds company. The seeds are mostly from local producers, where it gets properly treated and packed. On stock we have more than 200 types of vegetable, herbal and flower seeds, from the widely known to the less accessible ones.

Full offer of seeds for your home and garden, from common types of vegetables, herbs and flowers to the interesting exotic plants.

Exotic seeds of palm Acai Tobacco plant seedsExotic seeds of ginkgoPapaya seed for saleSeeds of exotic cycas

We offer seeds of interesting tropical and subtropical type of plants from around the world. Most of these plants can be grown at our temperature conditions both outside and inside your homes. Cultivars and specially bred varieties of exotic plants to be grown in flats or greenhouses. You can check yourself that exotic plants are not only privilege of tropics.  Plants that are grown from seeds in our temperature conditions are more resilient against for example changes of temperatures. Some of the cultivars are specially prepared and bred so that grow faster than usual cultivars of these plants.

In general, exotic plants require more humidity, so we have to remember to water them more often.  However some exotic plants require the standard watering, as usual houseplants, or even less in case of cactuses and succulents.

Most of the exotic plants, suitable for outside gardening do not require more care than usual plants in our geography. Currently we are offering around 100 types of exotic plants seeds, including also carnivorous plants – predators of Plant Empire. On earth there is 260 000 known plants, that reproduce by seeds, and the most interesting ones you will find in our offer of seeds. Do not hesitate and grow at your home piece of real tropics.